I will be teaching glass classes at three venues this year.  First, in July, I will be at Bullseye Santa Fe, then in the fall (dates to be determined) I will be at BARN on Bainbridge Island, and in November I will be at Bullseye Los Angeles.  In Santa Fe I will be teaching my "Layered Assemblage; creating visual complexity" class and in Los Angeles will be "Below and Above: creating visual depth".  At BARN I will teach an introduction to using powders.

Floating Downstream


 Private Lessons in Encaustic or Kiln Glass

If you are interested in working with me in my studio in encaustic or kiln glass please contact me through the contact tab on this website.  I also offer an additional home stay option if you would like to have an intensive studio experience while staying in our comfortable and private Airbnb room.

I am pleased to have some of my kiln glass work on the Artful Home website.  If you would like to see my Artful Home page click here.  

I have started a Youtube channel.  You can check out all my videos here.


I have had two kiln glass pieces accepted into the Anacortes Festival of the Arts by Juror Michael Monroe, Director Emeritus of the Bellevue Art Museum.  The show runs from July 29-August 5, 2018.  

red flag warning"red flag warning", kiln glass, 18x18

transect"transect", kiln glass, 18x18