Martha's Blog


I know that at this time of year it has become almost trite to say something about how thankful you are for some aspect of your life.  But I think you can never say "thank you" too much, or too often.  

I would like to take the time here to appreciate the students I have had the pleasure to have in my workshops over the last few years.  You have been generous with your knowledge, sharing technical information and tricks.  Thank you.  

You have been willing to try new things, work in ways that are uncomfortable to you, and in the process discover novel ways of working that excite.  And you have given me ideas for techniques to try.  Most students don't know this but teachers learn a lot from the explorations of their students.  Thank you.  


You have spent your hard-earned money to take my classes.  You believed in learning so much that you were willing to take a risk and see where my class might take you.  I hope your faith in my teaching was rewarded.  Thank you.

You have brought treats, both homemade and store bought to share with your fellow students and the staff at the facilites I have taught at.  Once you even brought me some tea and ginger juice because I was sick (you know who you are).  Thank you.

The connections I have experienced because of all the wonderful students I have had in my classes has added to the richness of my life.  You have brought me laughter, knowledge, comraderie and caring, and I appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you for having been a part of my life.